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Created by Alex Whitcroft



Ground breaking Spring 2011, Construction planned in phases through 2014.


The woodland home will be a hand-built home and woodshop which is  truly local, sustainable, and affordable housing that feels both beautiful and functional.


The structure will utilize local waste timbers to form a roundwood timberframe structure on local waste urbanite atop a proven rubble trench foundation system.


For the walls, we will employ a mix of locally-harvested strawbale walls and a new natural building technique developed here at Dancing Rabbit we are tentatively calling cob-strawbale-cob, which creates a superiorly insulated load bearing structure.


The living roof will be insulated using earth, which will also serve as a platform for edibles and wildflowers. Earthen floors and earthen plasters will complete the interior, and exterior lime plaster will provide a weather-proof shell for the building walls.